7 characteristics of men who know how women feel

One of the problems that women are most looking for solutions to in life is the inability of men to understand what women feel, what they want, or not know. Although every woman wishes to be with a man who understands the intricacies of the female spirit, to make him feel special, this chance does not laugh at every woman.

So, what do women like? Here are 7 features of men who can decipher the anatomy of the female psyche.

1) He Doesn't Forget Special Days

One of the most striking features of men who know what women want is that they always keep special days in the corner of their minds. They never forget the days of birthdays and anniversaries that women value so much. These days, they prepare a variety of surprises for women to enjoy the day.

2) Gives Complete Confidence

It makes the woman who wants to see good in her face feel that she can trust herself and it does not leave her in doubt.

3) listens well and tries to understand

One of the main issues women are told is that men do not listen to themselves and have difficulty understanding them. A man who is able to feel the female spirit is a good listener for the opposite woman and is concerned with what she says.

4) Compliments

A man who knows the female spirit is aware that women have more beauty concerns than men, and therefore tells the other woman that she is very beautiful in praiseworthy words.

5) When The Place Becomes Romantic

Not only after an argument, but he always gets ROMANTIC with the woman in front of him.

6) Take Enough Time

She is aware that women are coy like babies waiting for attention. A man who has figured out a woman's soul knows how to spend time with her and is careful not to leave her alone too much.

7) Knows How To Buy Gifts

A man who understands the female spirit makes a good choice when buying a gift; so, he doesn't get a gift to buy it.

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