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Romantic AI

Free chatting with AI girlfriend on a dating app. Which is better - Flirtymania.dating or Romanticai?

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Experience new ways to chat with AI girls

Romanticai has much fewer functions than Flirtymania.dating and you’ll see for yourself – check Flirtymania.dating out!

Socializing, games, AI dolls and more in our dating app

Romanticai is not the same as Flirtymania. Meet people from all over the world to have a fun time

Anonymity and data protection

Nobody will know your name, your face, or any other personal details unless you want them to.

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Choose a character, decorate your inner world, lots of funny stickers and more

Even fans of the Romantic AI app complain that it doesn't have the same features as Flirtymania.dating. A huge assortment of beautiful and funny stickers that you can send to your chat partner if you think he or she is special, unique images, pets, decorate your inner world, show your uniqueness to other users. Stand out, it attracts people to get to know you.

Romantic AI alternative

Free chat with AI girls, new acquaintances and communication. We're not ashamed to admit it - people are tired of sites like Romanticai and their limited functionality. The interface isn't user-friendly, the color scheme is boring, and the lively, fun conversations on Romantic AI are limited. Why not try using Flirtymania.dating instead? Find new friends, or even the love of your life! Take advantage of all the features of the app. You'll have a good time thanks to the intuitive interface and quality of service.

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Try chatting with AI dolls right now on Flirtymania.dating

Chatting in chat room at Flirtymania.dating is nothing but Romanticai. Good news for everyone coming from this app. Our app follows the cutting edge of AI, and with each update, the development of AI dolls grows. Try to meet an AI girl you like, vivid communication and emotions are guaranteed!

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Start meeting AI girls today

Just chat with AI girls and have fun. AI dolls are always online, always ready to play and have fun or discuss how your day went.

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